• Green Mill’s Award Winning Pizza

    When it comes time to decide what to do for lunch or dinner, you have a variety of choices. You can cook, you can eat out, or you can order in. After a long day, dinner from the Green Mill Restaurant and Bar is an excellent choice and we offer delivery from most our locations.

    Green Mill’s History

    Green Mill Restaurant and Bar opened its doors in St. Paul, Minnesota in 1935. Today, it is the oldest licensed pub in the city.

    Over the years, Green Mill’s owners traveled and learned more about pizza. In 1975, they took a trip to Chicago, where they tried deep dish pizza for the first time. They liked it so much, that they added their own version of this amazing pizza to their menu.

    Since then, Green Mill has opened nearly 30 locations, and as the restaurant chain has grown, the menu has expanded as well. Today, customers throughout Minnesota, Kansas, and Wisconsin, can enjoy Green Mill’s award winning pizzas, which are made from scratch, and a variety of fresh, high quality dishes, made to please every guest, available for delivery.

    Pizza Crust

    The pizza crust is the foundation of the pizza. If the crust is not delicious, the pizza itself does not have much hope. Green Mill has a wide selection of pizza crusts. Everyone’s taste is different and, at Green Mill, you will be able to find the perfect crust to please your palate.

    • Deep Dish: Deep dish is the crust that put Green Mill on the map.
    • Old World: This crust uses the old world method of folding the ingredients right into the crust.
    • Pescara: This crust is hand tossed, and has secret ingredients incorporated, giving it an original and unique taste.
    • Classic Thin: Many pizza lovers enjoy a thin, crispy crust. Green Mill hand stretches their crust, making it the thinnest and crispiest crust around.
    • Gluten Friendly: Many people who are on a gluten-free diet, avoid pizza. Thankfully, Green Mills offers a gluten-free pizza crust to cater to their needs.
    • With pizza sizes of small, medium, and large, you can order the perfect size pizza to feed your entire family.

    Specialty Pizzas

    Green Mills offers a variety of toppings, including 10 meats, 17 veggies, six different cheeses, and six other options. When certain toppings are combined, a specialty pizza is created. Green Mills offers an amazing selection of specialty pizzas to please just about everyone. Specialty choices include The Italia, Extreme Supreme, II Primo Pizza, and Margherita Pizza.

    All the Rest

    If you are not in the mood for pizza, Green Mills offers much more. You can choose from wings and appetizers, salads, pastas, burgers, sandwiches, calzones, and a variety of desserts. If you are ordering for the kids, Green Mills offers a kid’s menu, featuring a variety of selections.

    If you are planning to dine in at Green Mills, you can choose from an extensive menu of beer, wine, specialty cocktails, and soft drinks.

    Dine In/Take Out/Delivery

    Green Mill offers several ways to enjoy their award-winning food. You can eat in, and enjoy exceptional service and hospitality. If you would rather eat at home, you can stop by any location, and pick up your meal.

    If you would rather not leave the house, try ordering some of our fantastic food or award winning pizza for delivery from any of our locations with the exceptions of New Ulm, Wausau, and Winona. However, if you live in one of these three areas, you can still pick up your meal and take it home.


    Since 1989, Green Mill has won a variety of awards from some of the Midwest’s most popular publications, including Mpls/St Paul Magazine, Lake Country Journal, and the Twin City Reader, among others. Some of these awards include:

    • Best Pizza, 7 years running
    • Best Gourmet Pizza
    • Best Traditional Pizza
    • Best Happy Hour
    • Best New Restaurant
    • Best Salad
    • Best Appetizer
    • Best Burger in Northland
    • Best of the Knot
    • Best Place for Pizza
    • Favorite Pizza
    • Best Place for Kids
    • Top 3 Happy Hour

    All of these awards go to show that Green Mill offers much more than exceptional pizza, they offer an exceptional full menu.

    If you are trying to decide what to do for lunch or dinner, and want to order from somewhere with delicious food and a variety of options, Green Mill Restaurant and Bar will not disappoint! Whether you choose to dine in, take out, or choose pizza delivery, you can expect an exquisite dining experience.

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