• Beer Menu

    Beer and wine selections may vary by restaurant. Ask your bartender for details.

    On Tap

    Angry Orchard: Regular (220 cal)  Tall (320 cal)

    Alaskan Amber: Regular (210 cal)  Tall (300 cal)

    Blue Moon: Regular (200 cal)  Tall (280 cal)

    Coors Light: Regular (120 cal)  Tall (170 cal)

    Golden Road Seasonal

    Leinenkugel’s Seasonal

    Michelob Golden Draft Light: Regular (130 cal)  Tall (180 cal)

    Miller Lite: Regular (110 cal)  Tall (160 cal)

    Summit EPA: Regular (190 cal)  Tall (270 cal)

    Summit Seasonal



    Budweiser: (140 cal)

    Bud Light: (110 cal)

    Bud Light Lime: (120 cal)

    Coors Light: (100 cal)

    Michelob Golden Draft Light: (110 cal)

    Michelob Ultra: (90 cal)

    Miller 64: (60 cal)

    Miller Genuine Draft: (140 cal)

    Miller Lite: (100 cal)


    16-oz Cans

    Coors Original: (180 cal)

    Guinness Stout: (180 cal)

    Miller High Life: (180 cal)

    Miller Lite: (120 cal)



    Angry Orchard Rose:(170 cal)

    Corona: (150 cal)

    Corona Light: (100 cal)

    Dos Equis: (130 cal)

    Glutiny: (150 cal)

    Heineken: (140 cal)

    Henry’s Hard Soda – Grape: (220 cal)

    Henry’s Hard Soda – Orange: (190 cal)

    Modelo Especial: (120 cal)

    Peroni: (140 cal)

    Redd’s Apple Ale: (160 cal)

    Sam Adams Lager: (180 cal)

    Stella Artois: (140 cal)

    Spiked Seltzer

    Truly: (100 cal)

    *Ask your server for current flavors


    Non-Alcoholic Beer

    O’Doul’s Amber: (90 cal)

    Items and prices may vary by location. Select your nearest Green Mill from the list of locations and call for pricing. 2,000 calories a day is used for general nutrition advice, but calorie needs vary.

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