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    Beer and wine selections may vary by restaurant. Ask your bartender for details.

    On Tap

    Angry Orchard Regular (220 cal)  Tall (320 cal)
    Alaskan Amber Regular (210 cal)  Tall (300 cal)
    Blue Moon Regular (200 cal)  Tall (280 cal)
    Coors Light Regular (120 cal)  Tall (170 cal)
    Golden Road Seasonal
    Leinenkugel’s Seasonal

    Michelob Golden Draft Light Regular (130 cal)  Tall (180 cal)
    Miller Lite Regular (110 cal)  Tall (160 cal)
    Summit EPA Regular (190 cal)  Tall (270 cal)
    Summit Seasonal



    Budweiser (140 cal)
    Bud Light (110 cal)
    Bud Light Lime (120 cal)
    Coors Light (100 cal)
    Michelob Golden Draft Light (110 cal)
    Michelob Ultra (90 cal)
    Miller 64 (60 cal)
    Miller Genuine Draft (140 cal)
    Miller Lite (100 cal)

    16-oz Cans

    Coors Original (180 cal)
    Guinness Stout (180 cal)
    Miller High Life (180 cal)
    Miller Lite (120 cal)


    Angry Orchard Rose (170 cal)
    Corona (150 cal)
    Corona Light (100 cal)
    Dos Equis (130 cal)
    Glutiny (150 cal)
    Heineken (140 cal)
    Henry’s Hard Soda – Grape (220 cal)
    Henry’s Hard Soda – Orange (190 cal)
    Modelo Especial (120 cal)
    Peroni (140 cal)
    Redd’s Apple Ale (160 cal)
    Sam Adams Lager (180 cal)
    Stella Artois (140 cal)

    Spiked Seltzer

    Truly (100 cal)
    *Ask your server for current flavors


    Non-Alcoholic Beer

    O’Doul’s Amber (90 cal)

    Items and prices may vary by location. Select your nearest Green Mill from the list of locations and call for pricing. 2,000 calories a day is used for general nutrition advice, but calorie needs vary.

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