Have you had Detroit Style Pizza Crust Yet?

  1. detroit style pizza crust at Green Mill Restaurant

🚨 Attention pizza lovers! 🚨

Green Mill Restaurant & Bar has exciting news. We have a new crust style that we know you will absolutely love. Our new Detroit Style crust is one that you will want to have over and over again.

Trust us; we know crust. Just ask around about the deep dish crust that made us famous in 1975. Since then, we have been known as pizza aficionados and for a good reason. So what makes our Detroit Style pizza crust so special?

It’s Rectangular

We know, we know. A rectangular pizza is not something you see every day, but a true Detroit Style requires a rectangular pan. Why? Because the industrial rectangle pans make it so that the crust has a crispy, almost fried, texture on the outside and a chewy top and middle. This combination gives you a crust experience that you have never had before. Once you try it, you will not be able to get enough of it.

Available with Any Toppings Your Heart Desires

When ordering a Detroit Style pizza, the possibilities are endless. That means you can get a plain cheese or a loaded combination. Pretty much anything you can dream of, we can make, and it will taste delicious on this Detroit style crust.

Pairs Well with Wings

Pizza & wings are one of those matches made in heaven. Especially when you have Detroit Style crust. The crunch and butteriness of the pizza is the perfect complement to the tenderness of our flavorful wings. That means you can have your dream meal right here at Green Mill.

Itching to try our new Detroit Style crust now that you have heard so much about it? Come on into Green Mill Restaurant & Bar or order pizza delivery to satisfy your craving in no time flat.

We have many locations that will make it easy for you to try a slice (but let’s be honest, you will want the entire pie). No matter what you do, if you want an absolutely life-changing experience, do not wait too long to try this fantastic crust. See you soon!