• Local Fundraisers at Green Mill

    Fundraisers are necessary for most local churches, schools, and volunteer organizations to keep things running smoothly. However, they can be a significant drain on resources – time, space, and money – if they are not run correctly. So why not make it easy on yourself and your crew by partnering with Green Mill Restaurant & […]

  • Pasta vs. Pizza: Who is the Real Winner?

    In the ultimate battle of pasta vs. pizza, which one will dominate? Both are without a doubt insanely delicious, full of flavor, and fantastic comfort foods. But what makes one better than the other? Let’s make a case for both and see which one comes out on top. Pasta Tortellini, spaghetti, linguini, pappardelle…the list goes […]

  • St. Patrick’s Day at Green Mill! 🍀

    Are you looking for the ultimate St. Patrick’s Day plans? Head on over to Green Mill Restaurant & Bar for St. Patty’s Palooza! When you come to Green Mill for your celebration, you won’t regret it. We’ll show you why. Limited-Time St. Patty’s Day Food! At Green Mill we will be offering a limited-time St. […]

  • Why Green Mill Restaurant & Bar Has the Best Wings in Town

    Wings are an American classic – tender, juicy, and delicious. That is why we all love them. If you want to taste wings that will take your fondness for them to the next level, come on into Green Mill Restaurant & Bar. You will not regret it. So why are Green Mill’s chicken wings a […]

  • Healthy Portions, of Healthier Portions!

    We all know that eating healthy and moving is part of living a fit and happy life. But sometimes it can be hard to stick to a healthy lifestyle especially when we go out to eat with friends and family or when we have an ultra-busy week and just can’t seem to fit in exercise. […]

  • Green Mill Deep Dish Pizza

    Your first bite of a Green Mill deep dish pizza is what some would call ‘life-changing.’ We would happily agree. This legendary Midwest pizza is what dreams are made of, and it has been a neighborhood staple since 1975. Inspired by a trip to Chicago, our classic Chicago-style deep dish is anything but ordinary and […]

  • Green Mill Signature Dishes

    Signature dishes are the heart and soul of any great restaurant’s menu and Green Mill’s signature dishes are no exception. In fact, one of our signature dishes is our claim to fame. At Green Mill Restaurant and Bar, we take care of expertly crafting each appetizer, entree, and dessert, and that’s why we have amazing […]

  • Which Style of Pizza Crust Suits You Best?

    At Green Mill Restaurant & Bar, we know pizza. In fact, we have won awards for our delicious pizzas. People love our flavorful signature sauce, quality toppings, and especially our crust, made from scratch daily. We know that crust can make or break a pizza and that is why we offer five different types. So […]