• The Best Beers and Wines to Pair with Green Mill Pizzas

    Whether you’re celebrating a great game with the softball team, or taking that certain someone out for a special night — pizza, beer, wine and good times go hand-in-hand. Pizza and beer may seem like the quintessential food and drink pairing – your favorite pizza, loaded with toppings and a nice cold tall glass of whatever […]

  • Must-Haves for the Big Game

    I look forward to the Big Game every year because I love football and I love spending time with my family and friends. Gearing up for the Big Game requires planning because I want everyone to have a memorable time together! I want to help you have a blast with your friends, too, so here […]

  • How to Throw an Office Party Your Employees Will Love

    Anytime is the perfect time to show employees how much their hard work is appreciated. A great opportunity to celebrate goals and achievements, a festive, fun office party can boost morale, allow employees to connect without having to think about work, and give everyone the opportunity to socialize, celebrate and relax. With a little planning […]