• Have You Joined Our Green Mill Rewards Program?

    Since 1935, Green Mill has been a neighborhood staple. Then, in 1975, we became more than that. Our Chicago-inspired deep-dish pizza put us on the map and made us legendary. With both our deep neighborhood roots and famous dish, we developed quite a loyal customer following. That is why we have a fantastic rewards program. […]

  • Why Green Mill is Perfect for Your Next Catered Event

    Are you looking for a quick, delicious, and easy way to feed the masses? Look no further than Green Mill! Whether it’s in an office setting, a gathering in your home, or any type of party, we have a menu perfectly slated for larger groups that has options for every group size! So, if you […]

  • Order Green Mill Straight to Your Home

    After a long day, the last thing you want to do is cook or go out. You just want to curl up on the couch, binge on Netflix, and enjoy a good meal. That is where Green Mill online ordering comes in. Simply go to our delivery page and choose your favorite Green Mill meal. […]

  • The Best Food Pairing: Pizza & Wings

    Did you know that 1,260,000 pieces of pizza are consumed every hour in the US? With all that pizza, Americans are bound to need an awesome side dish. That is where chicken wings come in. No other pizza side is quite as perfect as some delicious wings. They are the Bonnie to pizza’s Clyde. They […]

  • Have You Tried Our Limited-Time Pasta Dishes?

      Limited Time Pasta Deals at Green Mill The news is out! Our limited-time plates of pasta are here, but they are not here to stay. That means you need to try them as soon as possible. So why try our limited-time pasta? We have a million different reasons, but here are a few: Amazing […]

  • The Best Holiday Gift Card Promotion

    Now that the holiday season is just around the corner, it’s never too early to start thinking about your holiday gift list. Unless you’re one of the rare few that manages to be ready for the winter holidays before fall is even over, odds are that you’ll soon be wracking your brain for great holiday […]

  • Have you had Detroit Style Pizza Crust Yet?

    🚨 Attention pizza lovers! 🚨 Green Mill Restaurant & Bar has exciting news. We have a new crust style that we know you will absolutely love. Our new Detroit Style crust is one that you will want to have over and over again. Trust us; we know crust. Just ask around about the deep dish […]