• Green Mill Chooses Local and Fresh Ingredients!

    Made from scratch by hand and made to order, our menu features recipes that include the freshest ingredients available.

    Our Commitment to Sustainable Agriculture

    Green Mill is pleased to offer choices that reflect our commitment to sustainable agriculture and the farmers and ranchers that make it possible. To the greatest extent possible, our menu will feature foods that are either Food Alliance Certified or Organic Certified. These certified foods have undergone a thorough inspection process that validates the farmers’ commitment to provide fresh,
    high quality food in a manner that respects the environment as well as the people that produce and grow the food. We continue to work with our foodservice suppliers to enhance our menu with locally-grown and organic alternatives.

    Much of our premium beef comes from prime Iowa farmland. Our cattle are corn fed to achieve maximum flavor and tenderness. USDA Choice Natural Black Angus ground beef. Plus, our all-natural customized blend of the finest ground beef gives our guests the best possible burgers we can find.

    World’s Best Cheeses

    No need to travel far to find the world’s best cheeses. Here’s our line-up of some of the Dairy State’s best:
    • Blue Cheese – Saputo Cheese Co, Saputo, WI
    • Cheddar Cheese – Portage Cheese Co., Portage, WI
    • Feta Cheese – Roth/Kase Cheeses, Monroe, WI


    From apples and cucumbers to potatoes and zucchinis, we go to great lengths to find sustainable, locally-grown and organic produce to ensure that we’re giving the best fresh fruits and vegetables available.

    Food Alliance

    Food Alliance is widely recognized as one of the nation’s leading certification organizations for environmentally friendly and socially responsible agricultural practices. Certified farms and ranches reduce or eliminate pesticide use, conserve soil and water resources, protect and enhance wildlife habitat, provide safe and fair working conditions, and provide healthy and humane care for livestock.

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