Featured image for post: 3 Reasons Why Boxed Lunch Catering Is Taking Over the Workplace | Green Mill Restaurant & Bar

3 Reasons Why Boxed Lunch Catering Is Taking Over the Workplace | Green Mill Restaurant & Bar

In today’s fast-paced work environment, productivity is king, placing the value of a nutritious and restful meal on the back burner. There’s simply no time for a leisurely meal at a local restaurant, so work meals are reduced to snacks or coffee on the go. Since employers can’t add more time to the day, many are turning to boxed lunch catering to get back the value of a balanced meal to fuel the rest of their day.

If the term boxed lunch conjures up images of the plastic box you carried to school, you may be wondering, “Exactly what is box lunch in the workplace?” Boxed lunches are a quick and convenient way to serve every employee lunch on a typical workday or during a special event. The lunches are individual pre-packaged meals designed to be portable, filling, and nutritionally balanced.

So, why is this such a popular option for workplace meals? These are just a few reasons to consider introducing boxed lunches to your work environment.

Convenience and Time-Saving Benefits

Busy days can make it impossible to schedule a leisurely lunch hour where employees can order a meal and take time to enjoy it before returning to work. Boxed lunches are the perfect alternative when stepping out means missing a crucial meeting, delaying deadlines, or failing to connect with a client. You can place an order that accommodates everyone’s needs and preferences and get delicious, balanced meals whenever you need it.

Boxed lunches from Green Mill can be picked up at the restaurant or delivered directly to your workplace at your requested meal time. Meals are individually boxed, no plates are needed, and serving and cleanup are a breeze.

Variety and Customization Options

Catered meals usually require large groups to select an agreed-upon food type and serving size. Catered box lunches are the exception. Since meals are individually portioned and packaged, they can be personalized to everyone’s needs. Whether you’re hosting a full-attendance work meeting or making everyday lunches more accessible for employees, meals can be customized to meet dietary restrictions and preferences with ease.

The Green Mill individual boxed lunch menu has delicious options for sandwiches and salads in the perfect portion size. We also offer popular packages and bulk catering options designed to serve larger groups of ten or more which include even more variety like our signature wings, pastas, appetizers, desserts, and more!

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Boost Productivity and Morale

Your employees are the secret sauce that makes your company amazing. Employee compensation in the modern workplace isn’t restricted to competitive wages. A pleasant workplace environment is one of the most sought-after perks by employees. Yet, finding adequate ways to express your appreciation can be difficult.

Catered box lunches enable you to avoid all the hassle and still present an enjoyable lunch break that offers delicious and nutritious meals while fostering a social environment. Lunches are cost-effective, convenient, and customizable to meet specific dietary restrictions and preferences. They are an ideal way to improve employee satisfaction while maintaining a productive workplace.

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Unforgettable Boxed Lunch Catering: Green Mill Delivers Excellence

Whether you’re taking a daily lunch order or catering a large meeting, you want meals that delight everyone in attendance. At Green Mill Restaurant, we’re committed to delivering excellent meals for every occasion, and boxed lunches are no exception. You’ll have the opportunity to choose from a variety of our most popular lunch options and adapt meals as necessary to meet everyone’s preferences. When you’re ready to eat, you can choose from convenient pickup or delivery options.

If you’re ready to transform lunch options at the workplace or your next corporate meeting, Green Mill is the place to go for the best box lunch catering options. With locations throughout Minnesota (and one in Wisconsin!) there’s a Green Mill near you. Check out our box lunch menu and contact your favorite Green Mill location to place your order. We kindly ask that you place your order by 5:00 p.m. for pickup or delivery for the following day.