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What’s the difference between Green Mill Restaurants and Green Mill On the Go?

Whether you are a dine-in patron of Green Mill Restaurants or just discovering us for the first time, you may have recently come across our new concept – Green Mill On the Go. While the former is widely known for its comfortable and casual dine-in atmosphere, the latter offers a convenient and quick service for customers who are on the move!

However, the differences between the two go beyond just the speed of service.

We’re delving into the primary distinctions between Green Mill Restaurants and Green Mill On the Go. Whether you’re seeking a relaxed dining experience or a swift meal at home, Green Mill has you covered with its two options to enjoy your favorites.

What is Green Mill On the Go? Are Green Mill Restaurants changing?

Green Mill On the Go is a new initiative by Green Mill Restaurants that aims to give guests more dining options and to expand into new markets. Despite this new addition, Green Mill Restaurants are not undergoing any changes in their traditional approach to serving delicious food in a cozy atmosphere. With more and more Green Mill On the Go locations popping up, guests can now enjoy the same great taste and quality they’ve come to love from Green Mill Restaurants, but with the added convenience of more locations and quick takeout service.

Our Green Mill On the Go restaurants are an extension of the Green Mill family, ensuring guests still experience the same commitment to quality and service that they have come to expect from us.

Deep Roots of a Local Legend

Did you know that Green Mill is the oldest licensed pub in St. Paul? Green Mill Restaurants began in 1935, and was a neighborhood staple for 40 years. In 1975 Green Mill’s owner took a trip to Chicago and fell in love with deep-dish pizza. He went home and added his own style to the menu. Word spread and the pizza was a hit! A legend was born. Soon, people were lining up for Green Mill’s delicious pizza.

Since then, Green Mill Restaurants has continued to wow guests with award-winning pizza and family-friendly atmosphere. Green Mill Restaurants are a midwest establishment now, with locations opening up all over Minnesota and the surrounding states. Our restaurants offer our signature menu and a welcoming gathering place to enjoy a meal with family and friends. Guests return again and again, not just for our freshly-prepared menu items but for our friendly and welcoming service.

Green Mill is proud of its neighborhood roots. Over time, we’ve added to our menu, crafting mouth-watering sandwiches, chef-inspired pasta dishes, and of course, our wings. And what would pizza and wings be without beer to go with it?! We also offer a menu of handcrafted cocktails for your enjoyment.

Introducing the Signature Taste of The Mill

So what is Green Mill On the Go? Our on-the-go locations are simply a scaled-down version of our restaurants you already know and love. These take-out and delivery locations offer our fan favorite menu selections, including our award-winning pizza, our delicious, savory calzones, and our famous wings. We’ve taken our most popular menu items to offer a streamlined menu at our On the Go locations. This means we offer faster service for your take-out and delivery meals.

The Green Mill On the Go locations will of course offer the pizza our restaurants are famous for, like our Margherita and Extreme Supreme. Customize your pizza by choosing your favorite Green Mill crust style like our Classic Thin, Pescara, Old World, or Deep Dish. You will also be able to order your favorite wings with our signature wings sauces, too! Don’t forget to order our Garlic Cheese Bread while you are at it!

Don’t worry, our Green Mill On the Go locations are not replacing our Green Mill Restaurants. You can still come and dine-in at your favorite Green Mill locations. This is simply an addition to the family, created out of a desire to serve you even better.

No matter which Green Mill restaurant you choose, you will find the same consistently amazing food and service. Come visit us today!

ToGo at Green Mill Service

Enjoy a Wide Range of Menu Options to Suit All Tastes and Preferences at Green Mill Restaurant

Whether you are ordering take-out or having your meal delivered by one of our third-party delivery services, you can count on hot, fresh, and delicious food from our Green Mill On the Go locations.

Enjoy our award-winning pizza paired with wings and tempting Garlic Cheese Bread, or have a delicious Calzone. Our commitment to quality and service is the same, regardless of your chosen location. Keep an eye out for a Green Mill On the Go location near you!

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