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Eating Fit to Maintain New Years Resolutions

2018: new year, new you – and new resolutions, right? Maybe this is the year you finally achieve those healthy eating and fitness goals you keep talking about!

Statistics say most people give up on their New Years resolution by February 1st, Green Mill wants to help you keep it going!

The best way to do so? By implementing some smaller, healthier habits to help you get fit, lose weight, eat better, or whatever it may be that you’re trying to accomplish. They say it takes 30 days to establish a habit, so the sooner you get started, the better.

Wondering how to get fit or how to lose weight? Here are some tips to start healthier eating as the new year approaches:

Try portion control

Don’t cut out the foods that you love – just eat a bit less of them! Limit yourself to only a few pieces of fudge or have a healthy snack in addition to that small slice of cake. Life is all about balance!

Focus on healthier food options

What are the best cuisine options for your body? Do you have a gluten intolerance? Try to figure out what foods are best for you and filter out the ones that aren’t so good. Green Mill and many other restaurants even offer a gluten-friendly options for those who need it. If this is the year you go vegetarian, try out a Meatless Monday or limit animal products to weekends only. Start off small and work your way up!

Incorporate physical activity into your routine

Making healthier changes can mean more than just your diet! Try to find a physical activity that you enjoy. Try out a new activity each month and see if something sticks! Go for a challenging hike. Take that yoga class you’ve been considering. Join your office volleyball team. Whatever gets you moving and grooving is a perfect addition to your day! Not only will you be getting fit – you will be having a great time doing it.

If you’re wondering how to get fit in 2018, just start small and start now. Green Mill can help with our delicious Eating Fit options, complete with salads, wraps, and even pizza! Stop by today to try it out –  and be sure to ask us about our Rewards program!