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Pizza and Beer: A Pairing Guide for the Ultimate Gameday

Football season is a special time of year here at Green Mill! We get pumped to serve up delicious food and cold beers while you enjoy the big game. Although we can’t promise an exciting game every matchup, we can offer the best beer and pizza combinations to whet your appetite. Prepare for the perfect pizza and beer pairings!

Margherita Pizza & Summit Extra Pale Ale

This delicious pie, made with fresh ingredients, is the perfect combination of ingredients to pair with our Summit Extra Pale Ale. The malty bronze brew offers an award-winning flavor. Made up of caramel, hops and citrus notes, it balances well with the acidic tomatoes while accenting the exceptional cheese flavors.

Hawaiian Pizza & Redd’s Apple Ale

You either love pineapple on your pizza, or you don’t. But for folks who belong to the Hawaiian pizza fan club, we suggest you order a Redd’s Apple Ale to elevate your pineapple and ham pie. The fruit ale complements the pineapple while playing off of the salty smoked ham.

Mushroom Pizza & Guinness Stout

Luckily for our mushroom lovers, we have two excellent pizzas that will feed your mushroom cravings: Roasted Asparagus, Mushroom & Onion Pizza and the Ultimate Mushroom Sausage Pizza. The best beer to pair with these slices is with a dark Guinness Stout. The sweetness of the stout combined with earthy mushroom flavors is delightful!

Cheese Pizza & Light or Wheat Beer

You can never go wrong with a classic slice of cheese pizza paired with a smooth wheat beer. Light beers that bring the classic cheese slice to life include Miller Light, Michelob Golden Light, Coors Light. If you’d rather go with a wheat beer, Blue Moon is a great choice!

Pepperoni & Pilsner or Dark Lager

We didn’t forget about the pepperoni! Order your favorite pilsner or dark lagers, such as Stella Artois or Sam Adam’s to enhance our delicious Green Mills crust, while balancing the spicy pepperoni.

Green Mill Rewards

Regardless of your team loyalty, we value every guest that frequents Green Mill. Take advantage of our amazing Green Mill Rewards program. It is free to join and easy to use. Simply enjoy grub and drinks from our menu, and you earn points that can be redeemed for discounts. Making Green Mill your go-to hangout on game days is a win-win!

We look forward to having you catch a big game with us! Check out our beer and pizza menu to see if there is a new pairing you’d like to try.