Featured image for post: Start the School Year off Right with a Fundraiser at Green Mill Restaurant

Start the School Year off Right with a Fundraiser at Green Mill Restaurant

It is hard to believe, but the beginning of the school year is already upon us and with it comes a lot of fun, learning, and, let’s face it, a lot of clubs, teams, and causes to fund. That is where Green Mill Restaurant & Bar comes in. We know that you have a lot on your plate, so why add a complicated and time-consuming fundraiser to the mix? At our family friendly restaurant & bar, we offer fundraiser nights so we can give back to the community and get to know the locals, and you can earn money for your organization, club, team, charity, or cause. Plus, the best part is, fundraising at Green Mill is easy and delicious. To set up a fundraiser, simply call your local Green Mill Restaurant & Bar and set up a night for your cause.

Whether you are raising money for your high school tennis team or your favorite charity, a Green Mill fundraiser is the best way to raise funds and gather with family, friends, and neighbors. When you fundraise at our restaurant, all you have to do is get patrons to Green Mill (typically on a Monday night) and have them present your customized event voucher; then 15% of their bill will be donated to your fundraiser. It is as simple as that!  No more knocking door to door, getting orders, collecting money, and then lugging around wrapping paper or frozen cookie dough to your neighbors. Simply have your guests come in whenever they want the night of your fundraiser with the entire family to enjoy pizza, wings, and other tasty menu options while you enjoy raising money for a good cause. Food, fun, and fundraising! Now if that is not a win-win-win, we do not know what is.

Green Mill has several locations throughout Minnesota and Wisconsin, so you can choose the restaurant that is most convenient for both you and your patrons. Everyone loves good food and good company so why not give the people what they want and fundraise with us? We know that having great fundraising options is vital for the communities we serve and that is why we offer such an easy and effective way to raise funds. If you are searching for means to earn money for your cause, look no further and contact the Green Mill Restaurant & Bar in your area! We are always happy and ready to help you fundraise – no matter the cause!