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What Food Should You Serve at Your Business Meeting?

Food has a place at every gathering. In the case of corporate meetings, food sets the stage for a more relaxed atmosphere and can inspire creative ideas. Besides, it is only appropriate to serve good food if your business meeting will drag on through lunch.

While everyone at the corporate meeting would appreciate some food and a beverage, people always have varying preferences. This brief guide on corporate catering in Wisconsin and Minnesota offers tips on the types of foods and lunch options to serve at your next business meeting.

How to Choose the Right Corporate Lunch Menu

Corporate catering is a bit of a logistical affair. Some of the most important factors to consider when choosing the ideal menu for your corporate meeting include:


Too much food will be a waste, while too little food will be an embarrassing inconvenience. As such, it is important to conduct a headcount and make a budget before getting into the specifics.

Dietary Preferences & Restrictions

As we mentioned, people have varying preferences when it comes to food. For example, some people are vegan while others love to eat meat. More notably, some people are allergic to certain types of foods. As such, it is prudent to consult the meeting’s attendees about their dietary restrictions and preferences.

The best types of foods to serve at a corporate meeting may include the following:

  • Sandwich
  • Salad
  • Pasta
  • Kettle chips
  • Fresh fruit
  • Veggies
  • Wings
  • Pizza
  • Desserts
  • Light refreshment beverages

Preferences may vary wildly from simple to specialty foods, and it may not be possible to fulfill everyone’s preference. As such, it is advisable to have the catering company pre-select a range of foods and have the attendees pick their preferences in advance. Of course, all options should include delicious and healthy food.


Corporate meetings are usually formal, but they can also revolve around a theme. For example, it could be a meeting celebrating the company’s anniversary, in which case cake would be an appropriate option – however, a cake wouldn’t be necessary for an ordinary strategizing meeting.

Common Lunch Options for Corporate Meetings

Besides choosing the right types of foods and beverages, you will also need to choose the catering style. It is worth noting that different styles have their advantages and shortcomings, depending on your needs. Companies in the Midwest (and nationwide) usually prefer the following catering options for their meetings:

Individual Box Lunches

Box lunches are the most convenient catering option for corporate meetings, especially for working lunches. The food comes pre-packaged in neat boxes that will not take up too much space or make a mess.

Sandwiches and wraps are the most popular box lunch foods. However, you can request the catering company to pack each attendee’s lunch per their special requests, but it is also worth noting that some foods cannot be packed in a box.

Deli & Themed Buffets

Deli buffets are popular for simple corporate events, such as working lunches. They mostly feature finger foods that would be appealing to most people regardless of their varying preferences. The foods served include:

  • Dessert trays such as cookies or brownies
  • Fruit platters and mixed green salads
  • Fresh vegetable trays

Themed buffets are usually appropriate for themed meetings. The cuisines are often inspired by different cultures and cuisines and can add a special touch to an event.

Let Us Serve You

You could plan everything to the last detail, but everything comes down to your chosen business-meeting caterer. This is why it is important to choose a reliable corporate-catering company.

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