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Healthy Portions, of Healthier Portions!

Eating Healthy

We all know that eating healthy and moving is part of living a fit and happy life. But sometimes it can be hard to stick to a healthy lifestyle especially when we go out to eat with friends and family or when we have an ultra-busy week and just can’t seem to fit in exercise. So how do we keep on track and meet our goals in our normal day-to-day life?

Healthy Choices

In today’s busy world, cooking a healthy, home-cooked meal every night just isn’t always an option. That’s where Green Mill’s Eating Fit! options comes in. We offer a wide selection of these healthy servings. There are more options than just salad (although delicious salads are an option). Choose from appetizers like flavorful street tacos or entrees like a Healthy Stack Burger loaded with pico, mozzarella, lite chipotle ranch, and wrapped in lettuce. Or, try one of our personal favorite’s, the Roasted Tomato & Chicken Linguini. No matter what mood you are in, Green Mill Restaurant & Bar has got your back with a variety of healthy options that will satisfy your cravings and help you be healthy and fit.

Smart Moves

Getting in the time to have a dedicated exercise for 30-60 consecutive minutes five times a week can be hard and sometimes just not realistic. When we can’t make the time to exercise, getting creative with moving can help. To get some exercise in during work hours, take the stairs, do squats at your desk between emails, walk to Green Mill for lunch instead of driving, or do yoga YouTube videos in your office during your 15-minute break. For exercise outside of work, try these fun moving activities: walk your dog around the block, do jumping jacks while you steam the veggies in the microwave, do lunges as you put laundry away, or do 15 pushups or situps for every commercial that comes on during your favorite TV show. It doesn’t matter how we decide to move; it just matters that we move! Trust us, your jeans and heart will thank you.

Eating healthy and moving is a great way to improve both our mental and physical health. To see how Green Mill’s Eat Fit! options can help you to make healthy choices, come on down to one of our awesome locations. We know you will love both the variety and quality of our menu and can’t wait to serve you.