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Must-Haves for the Big Game

I look forward to the Big Game every year because I love football and I love spending time with my family and friends. Gearing up for the Big Game requires planning because I want everyone to have a memorable time together! I want to help you have a blast with your friends, too, so here are some “must-haves” that will make your party a success.

Big Game Décor

You will have trouble getting your party off the ground if you forget to decorate. To properly do this job, you will need some basic facts:

  • The names of the two teams playing
  • The team colors of the two teams playing

Friends and family are sure to come dressed in the colors and gear of their favorite team and decorating your place in those colors just adds to the fun. It’s also wise for the hosts to brush-up on the biggest stars and relevant statistics, so you can participate fully in game conversations with your guests.

A Good Television

Get the biggest and best television that fits your budget and your room. Plan for a large crowd, so have at least three televisions set up, so people can keep an eye on the game as they circulate. Also, place radios in my bathrooms, so everyone can stay in touch with the latest plays while tending to personal matters.

Drink Stations

Whether you have a big house or a small house, you’re going to want to limit traffic to the refrigerator. To avoid bottlenecks that will prevent your guests from enjoying the game, fill some coolers or other containers with ice, beer, and other favorite beverages. This way, your guests can get a new drink without getting too far from the TV or their friends.


Don’t forget to stock up on drinks for you and your guests. Make sure you have a variety of beer on hand, along with wine and other adult beverages. Remember that some people might not want drinks containing alcohol, so keep tea, lemonade, sodas and water on hand as well.


You should have at least one bottle opener available at every drink station, to make sure no one has to miss the game by rummaging in my kitchen for the right tool. You also need a good supply of napkins and paper towels.

Don’t break out the fancy dishes and silverware for your party. Instead, buy some rugged disposable plates, cups, and eating utensils. Going the cheap route won’t work because poor-quality items will result in unnecessary spills.


I want everyone to have a good time at my party, but I don’t always know what food my guests will enjoy. It’s important to keep a variety of food options for your guests. Whether is some awesome Spinach Dip, Three Cheese Chicken and Chipotle Nachos, or a simple order of chips and salsa- Green Mill has you covered! Green Mill Pizzas are always a people pleaser and make an excellent addition to a party or any other occasion; and can be ordered with just about any toppings imaginable. Another traditional food item for the game is wings , and you can’t go wrong with one of Green Mill’s 6 award-winning flavors. Why stress about all the food prep and cooking? Green Mill offers online ordering and delivery options. (They’ll even bring all the necessary disposables for your food!) Green Mill will truly take all the stress out of providing food for the Big Game.

It’s always important to remember to provide options for guests who have special dietary needs. Maybe think outside the box and offer some vegetarian or gluten free options for your party.


I have been to parties where the hosts have thought of everything, except chairs. Standing through the pre-game show, the whole game, and the post-game wrap-up doesn’t sound like fun, so make sure you have seating for everyone.

A Ride Home

You and your guests should have a blast at your party, but you don’t want anyone to get hurt or land in trouble when they leave your house. Make the trip home safe, comfortable, and convenient by having taxi dispatch numbers and designated drivers. It also never hurts to have a few air mattresses available for guests who need to sleep off the day’s festivities before getting behind the wheel.

The “must-haves” listed here will get you well on your way to having a superb party for the big game.  I hope you will have a wonderful day filled with friends, family, food and football!