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The Best Beers and Wines to Pair with Green Mill Pizzas

Whether you’re celebrating a great game with the softball team, or taking that certain someone out for a special night — pizza, beer, wine and good times go hand-in-hand.

Pizza and beer may seem like the quintessential food and drink pairing – your favorite pizza, loaded with toppings and a nice cold tall glass of whatever beer we have on tap. Sounds delicious, but we encourage you to take your dining experience a step further — choose the right beer or wine to bring out the full round of flavors in your favorite pie. Proper pairings are not just for pretentious foodies!

Pizza and Beer Selections

  • The Italia, with its robust Italian sausage, savory salami, and zesty pepperoni pairs best with a crisp, hoppy ale such as Summit Extra Pale or Molson Canadian. Cut through the depth of flavor in the Italia pizza and let the essence of each ingredient – the herbs and spices, the brightness of the tomato sauce, and the rich cheeses come through, enhanced by the lively crispness of domestic lagers, such as Coors or Coors Light.
  • Summery flavors such as fresh basil, Roma tomatoes, pungent garlic and olive oil, explode in a Margherita  pizza, a favorite among Green Mill diners. As these flavors are light on their own, you don’t want a heavily flavored wheat beer when enjoying a Margherita Pizza. Pair this pie with the clean notes of a pilsner. The delicate, malty flavor of a Stella or an Amstel Light will sing alongside a Margherita Pizza, creating a symphony for the senses. Miller Light or Michelob Ultra pair nicely as well.
  • The fruity and rich flavors of our Extreme Supreme are nicely balanced by a good wheat beer. Leinenkugel Honey Weiss gently enhances the smokiness of Canadian bacon. The brightness of the green peppers and olives round out when paired with Blue Moon.


Pizza Paired with Wine

For those die-hard pizza-and-beer folks, pairing wine with your pizza may seem almost sacrilegious. But let’s not forget that wine is the choice when dining on Italian pastas and staples such as eggplant parmesan or chicken cacciatore. Wine can be the perfect choice when enjoying the rich flavors of your perfect pizza.

  • Our famous Il Primo pizza, with its meaty sausage, pepperoni, and portobello mushrooms, along with our homemade Quattro Formaggi, pairs quite lovely with our California Zinfandel, Zen of Zins. The juicy, fruity flavor, with its low acid, and mild tannins won’t overpower the unique flavors of this delicious pizza.
  • Pair our tangy California BBQ Chicken with a tangy California Chardonnay, like Kendall Jackson, or Kenwood Yulupa. A Reisling out of Washington state, the Chateau St. Michelle, makes a nice wine to enjoy with this unique and popular pie.
  • The mélange of delicious flavors in our Extreme Veggie pizza balance well with the smokiness of a Merlot, or the fruit undertones of a Cabernet. Try our Californian house wine, Coastal Vines in a Merlot or Cabernet Sauvignon with your Extreme Veggie pizza and notice how these luscious reds round out your pizza experience.

The right pairings can take your dining experience to the next level. Pizza, beer and wine always make for a memorable combination. So the next time you want to celebrate your evening with pizza, beer, wine and your favorite friends or significant other, come to Green Mill Restaurant and Bar to try one of these great pairings or create one of your own!