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Time to Think About Holiday Meals for House Guests

4 Tips to Relieve Holiday Cooking Stress

The holiday feast can be a very satisfying way to entertain your guests. Between meals, your family and friends will likely be hungry for more and it can be tempting to go above and beyond the call of duty to keep them all fed. This can make the holiday cooking a source of stress for the home chef. Follow these tips to keep yourself from stressing out in your kitchen this holiday season.


Focus on the Big Meal

As tempting as it might be to flex your culinary muscles throughout the holiday season, there’s only so much you can do in your kitchen. Most refrigerators only have enough room for one or two large feasts and, depending on your counter space, you’re likely to have just enough room to prepare food for 10 to 12 people per day. Focus the majority of your efforts on the big dinners on Thanksgiving, Christmas and New Year’s and keep the meals in between simple and stress-free. Order Green Mill pizza for lunch and keep the kitchen free for significant prep work. Our award-winning Wings are another great option – just be sure to have plenty of napkins handy!


Be Ready for Surprises

You never know who will be making an appearance during the holiday season! Maybe you run into old friends at the grocery store and invite them for a late dinner. Or your in-laws decide to make a surprise visit. No matter who drops in, you shouldn’t feel obligated to pull out all the stops to keep them well fed. One of our famous Take & Bake pizzas will do the trick for those last-minute drop-ins. Or, call your favorite location for full-menu delivery!


Eliminate Dishes Between Big Meals

Great food doesn’t need fancy flatware when it comes to a casual meal. You’ll have plenty of time to wash dishes after a major holiday get-together, so stock up on disposable cups, cutlery, and plates for meals between the big events.


Don’t be Afraid to Take a Break

Sometimes it’s OK to just take the night off. If you’ve got company and you’re dreading the cooking and the cleanup, bring your friends to Green Mill and leave all the work to us! You can rack up reward points and take time to enjoy your friends without distraction.

Happy holidays from all of us at Green Mill Restaurant & Bar!