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The Best Food Pairing: Pizza & Wings

Did you know that 1,260,000 pieces of pizza are consumed every hour in the US? With all that pizza, Americans are bound to need an awesome side dish. That is where chicken wings come in. No other pizza side is quite as perfect as some delicious wings. They are the Bonnie to pizza’s Clyde. They just belong together. The perfect duo. What is even better than your everyday pizza and wings? Green Mill Restaurant and Bar pizza and wings. Here is why:


We are Famous

No, really. We are! Green Mill’s deep dish pizza is legendary. As word spread about our pizza, our business grew, and with that, our menu. Now we have legendary sides like our mouthwatering chicken wings to go with the Upper Midwest’s favorite pizza. So, there you have it. When you come to Green Mill for this dynamic duo, you are experiencing a little piece of history.



From classic bone-in wings to boneless wings and Diablo wings to Buffalo wings, we’ve got all the wings you need to go with your pizza. Plus, we have awesome dipping sauces. Oh, and our pizza? Deep dish, hand-tossed Pescara, Old-World, Detroit Style, Classic Thin, or even gluten-free Udi’s crust…and just about any topping you can imagine. We like to have choices, and we are sure you do too. That is why we have plenty for our customers to choose from!


Great Service & Environment

We know eating out is about more than just the food (even though ours is topnotch), and that is why we make sure that you have an experience you will love. Our staff is friendly and prompt, our restaurant is welcoming and comfortable, and our bar is well stocked. Come on in and see for yourself!

When it comes down to it, there is really no contest. Pizza and wings are the best food combo around, and when you get them from Green Mill Restaurant and Bar…well, that is just another level. For the best duo around, come to one of our Green Mill locations today! You will not regret it.